Asking for a Security Certificate

Certain authorities having security competence may decide to impose the possession of a security attestation prior to access to buildings, rooms or areas. A security attestation may apply to certain public buildings or on special events such as meetings of the European Heads of State and Government held in Brussels.

Individual applicants can never address a request for a security attestation directly to the National Security Authority. All the applications are requested via the competent administration who imposes a security attestation in its sector.

Every person must accept a security verification before a security attestation can be granted.

The security attestation is valid for the duration of the event for which it has been requested by the competent administration. 

Currently no fee is levied for a safety certificate.


What does a security verification consist of?

The investigation must ensure that the conditions are met in order to be granted access to certain functions, buildings or events. This investigation is being led by the Federal Police and Intelligence Services. This includes a check of the relevant databases.



A person applying for a security attestion or already holder may lodge an appeal in three cases:

  1. The granting of a security attestion is denied
  2. The decision on the granting of a security attestion was not taken within the statutory deadline
  3. The security attestion is revoked

The appeal must be made within 8 days of notification of the decision or the expiry of the legal deadline through a registered letter to the Appellate Body:

Organe de Recours/Beroepsorgaan Chaussée de Louvain, 48/5 1000 Brussels

The Appellate Body shall take a decision within 15 days of receipt. No further appeal is possible. The claimant receives the motivated decision by registered letter.

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