Asking for a Security Advice

Administrative authorities may request the National Security Authority that a safety investigation be carried out prior to the access to certain professions, buildings or land. This applies if abuse in the exercise of a function or presence in sensitive areas can harm the fundamental interests of the Belgian State.

If an administrative authority wants to apply for a security advice, it must observe the following steps:

  • Confirmation of the legal status of the authority
  • Motivatation of the legal grounds for the performance of a screening for a security advice
  • Transmission of the application, signed by the administrative authority, by e-mail to or sent by mail to:
National Security Authority, Attn President, Karmelietenstraat 15, 1000 Brussels

After positive appreciation of the request by the National Security Authority subjected the person concerned shall be subjected to a security screening for the purpose of obtaining a positive security advice. This check is conducted by the police and  intelligence and security services. This involves consultation of personal data in the records of the police and intelligence and security services.

Individuals can not apply directly to request a security advice from the National Security Authority. The applications run invariably through the employer which is the administrative authority imposing the security advice.

The validity duration of the security advice is determined by the administrative authorities and the National Security Authority on the basis of a risk assessment.


What does a security check involve?

The investigation must ensure that the conditions are met in order to be granted access to certain functions, buildings or events. This investigation is being led by the Federal Police and Intelligence Services. This includes a check of the relevant databases.



A person applying for a safety advice through his employer may appeal when he or she receives a negative security advice.

The appeal must be made within 8 days of notification of the decision or the expiry of the legal deadline through a registered letter to the Appellate Body:

Organe de Recours/Beroepsorgaan Chaussée de Louvain, 48/5 1000 Brussels

The Appellate Body shall take a decision within 30 days of receipt. No further appeal is possible. The claimant receives the motivated decision by registered letter.

More info about Organe de Recours / Beroepsorgaan: click here.