Security Clearances for Individuals

Once a security certificate for legal persons is granted at the company level, employees can apply for a security clearance for natural persons.

Application procedures

Make your choice between:

  1. Who can apply for a security clearance for natural persons?
  2. First request
  3. Demand for renewal of security clearance for individuals
  4. Demand for changing the level of the field of application for a security clearance
  5. Demand to maintain a security clearance for individuals in case of change of employer 


Report changes in marital status or other administrative changes

Changes in marital status or personal situation should always be reported to the National Security Authority. A distinction is made between:

  1. Amendments involving adding a (new) partner

Where the holder of an individual security clearance enters into marriage, an official partnership or a stable relationship with a (new) partner, he/she needs to submit his / her security clearance dor re-approval. A new security clearance must be requested through the security officer of the company or the administration.

In the rare event that it is a security clearance level 'top secret', any change involving a new adult person officially residing at the same address, also a new security clearance must be submitted.

2. Amendments involving removing a partner or other administrative changes

Where the holder of an individual security clearance divorces, is no longer legally cohabiting, or no longer is in stable relationship with a partner or if he / she changes of address, this change must be reported to the National Security Authority. The security officer of your company must send an email to to inform the NSA. In this case, no new security clearance need be obtained because no additional persons are subjected to being examined as part of the security investigation.


cost of a security clearance for natural persons

The cost of a security clearance is determined by the level and is legally determined as follows:

  • Confidential: € 150
  • Secret: € 175
  • Secret: € 200

When you enter your application for an individual security clearance in Habil you will automatically receive an invoice. You need to pay before you submit your application. The payment is made electronically in accordance with the instructions provided. More information can be found in the manual of Habil.


Duration of the decision on the granting of a security clearance

The period within which you can expect a decision by the National Security Authority, depends first and foremost on the required level of clearance. The terms were legally determined as follows:

  • Confidential: 5 months
  • Secret: 6 months
  • Secret: 9 months

These periods run from the date of receipt of completed applications by the National Security Authority.

If the intelligence and security investigations require information to be sought abroad, the time may be extended by three months maximum.


platform "Habil"

"Habil" is a database in and through which the National Security Authority manages all requests for individual security clearances. Through Habil you can upload your basic questionnaire for obtaining an individual security clearance and pay the fee. Habil must also be used for reporting administrative changes as to the situation of persons with a security clearance.

To make Habil as user friendly as possible, the National Security Authority has developed a user manual. We strongly encourage you to read the manual thoroughly before you enter your Habil application .

What to do if a Habil account expired?

If your account has expired and you still have unfinished applications, you should ask the National Security Authority to reactivate your account. This can be done via a simple email to The reactivation of an account shall always be examined and will therefore not be granted automatically.



A person applying for a security clearance or already holder may lodge an appeal in three cases:

  • The granting of a security clearance is denied
  • The decision on the granting of a security clearance was not taken within the statutory deadline
  • The security clearance is revoked

The appeal must be made within 30 days of notification of the decision or the expiry of the legal deadline through a registered letter to the Appellate Body:

Organe de Recours/Beroepsorgaan Chaussée de Louvain, 48/5 1000 Brussels

The Appellate Body shall take a decision within 60 days of receipt. No further appeal is possible. The claimant receives the motivated decision by registered letter.


More info about Organe de Recours / Beroepsorgaan: click here.