Security Clearances for Entities

The National Security Authority can only process applications from companies located in Belgium. Moreover, the company must demonstrate a need to access and know classified information.

Application procedures

Make your choice between:

  1. First request
  2. Demand for renewal of a security clearance
  3. Demand for changes in the company's situation


Reporting changes in the situation of your company

When a firm for example changes name or address, if it needs to submit a new communication and information system for certification, or if there are changes in the board of directors, the following steps should be taken

  1. Complete and sign Application Phase I c.
  2. Tick In Habil  application the category 'other' box and describe the change
  3. Add an excerpt from Moniteur belge/Belgisch Staatsblad or any other document on the amendment to add (s)

The documents requested are to be sent via electronic way to


cost of a security clearance for legal persons

The cost of a security clearance for legal persons is determined by the level and is legally determined as follows:

  • Confidential: € 900
  • Secret: € 1,200
  • Secret: € 1,500

When an application for a security clearance for legal entities will be declared receivable (approval stage I),  an invoice will automatically be sent by email.

In practice, companies are not cleared at the level "SECRET". Yet for  individuals and in exceptional cases, a 'SECRET' (eg NATO context) clearance application is accepted, even if the company is only cleared at the level "SECRET".


Duration of the decision on the granting of a security clearance for legal entities

The period within which the National Security Authority may make a decision depends primarily on the required level of clearance. The following timeframes are used as a guide:

  • Confidential: 5 months
  • Secret: 6 months
  • Secret: 9 months

These timeframes run from the date of receipt of the completed application by the National Security Authority.


Platform "Habil"

"Habil" is a database in which the National Security Authority (NSA) manages all requests for security clearances for individuals. Through Habila basic questionnaire is accessible for obtaining security clearance for natural persons and if necessary paying the bill. Habil must also be used for reporting administrative changes in the status of persons holding a security clearance.

To make "Habil" as user friendly as possible, the NSAhas developed a user manual. It is strongly recommended to read the manual thoroughly before entering an application form.

What to do if a Habil account has expired?

When a Habil account has expired and there is still an unfinished request, the National Security Authority should be asked to reactivate the account. This can be done via simple email to The reactivation of an account is subject to investigation and, therefore, will not be granted automatically.