Appointment of the Security Officer and, possibly, of one colleague

Depending on the organisational structure, the security officer is appointed by:

  • The board of directors
  • The competent minister of the administration
  • The competent director of the public international organisation

An organisation appoints preferably two security officers. A deputy security officer is recommended to guarantee continuity in bigger entities. After all, security officers are the only points of contact for the National Security Authority inside any given organisation.

Security officers must be holder of a security clearance and have a personal account for the platform “Habil”.

The security officer can, in addition, employ his administrative staff to fulfill the administrative workload related to his tasks. Also, The deputies must be holder of a valid security clearance and a personal account in Habil. It’s the security officer’s duty to inform the National Security Authority on the identity of his staff.

The security officer works under the supervision of the National Security Authority, which will inform the security officer about the applicable rules and procedures to comply with.