Security Officer

Besides clearing and vetting of individuals and organizations, the National Security Authority imposes additional measures to ensure the protection of classified information. Thus, any organization that handles classified information is required to appoint a Security Officer.

Role of the Security Officer

Any company or administration with access needed to classified information is required to appoint a security officer. The security officer is the only official contact for communications between the National Security Authority (NSA) and its customers. Security officers themselves must be holder of a security clearance.

Security Officers have two main tasks:

1. Ensure proper compliance with the security rules within the company or administration

The security officer must ensure that employees are correctly implementing the security rules concerning classified information. For this purpose, he / she must inform employees accurately.

Any infringement against the rules must be immediately reported to the security officer, who then shall inform the National Security Authority. When, upon a security incident, the security officer conducts an internal administrative inquiry he / she shall inform the board and the authority responsible for the compromised documents.

2. Manage the security clearances of employees

The security officer shall submit the requests for security clearances of employees to the NSA. The security officer shall inform the employees once a decision on granting of security clearances has been taken by the NSA. The security officer is also responsible for reporting any changes in marital status or other administrative changes that are relevant to the status of employees holding a security clearance.