Contracts, Visits and Transportations

To protect the contents of classified contracts, in the negotiation or execution of which, contractors concerned must observe certain rules. These are always described in detail in the classified contract.

Before contractors can participate in a classified contract they must have:


All security conditions also apply to any subcontractors. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that its subcontractors comply with the applicable security rules.
All contractors and subcontractors must upon termination of the contract, return the classified information to the issuer of the contract.

The appropriate security rules for a classified contract

The security rules for a classified contract are essentially determined as follows:

  • The classification level, which is described in the security classification guide (SCG)
  • The minimal security requirements to comply by contractors and subcontractors are found in the Security Aspects Letter (SAL)
  • The management of large projects or programs can require additional security rules. They are described in the Project Security Instructions (PSI)


Visits relating to classified contracts

Visits in the context of classified contracts with access to classified information must be demanded in advance to the National Security Authority.

The following conditions must be met:

  • The visit is related to a classified contract
  • Visitors have a valid security clearance
  • Visitors can prove their need-to-know

The visit must be requested to the NSA, at least one week in advance of the actual visit by mailing the completed ‘request for visit’ form to Visit rights are requested for the duration of a visit. In the case of recurrent visits, a visit period of up to one year can be requested.


International transport  in the context of classified contracts

If a Belgian company needs to transport classified items internationally, the National Security Authority (NSA) must approve a transportation plan. The National Security Authority will verify the security clearances of the facility and employees concerned and check whether security is adequately guaranteed. The National Security Authority informs the competent security authority of the countries involved.

The company sends the completed ‘transport plan’ form, at least one week before the transport, via mail to Some contracting authorities use their own forms for requesting transportations. In this case this will be described in the security instructions of your classified contract.