What is the difference between a security clearance, a security certificate or a security advice ?

The National Security Authority provides certificates to control access to classified information or sensitive professions, buildings or events. Depending on the legal basis (see Law 11.12.1998), this may involve security clearances, security attestations or advices.

A distinction is made between public and private sectors in terms of certificates and related application procedures. For more information on this visit: private companies, public administrations or international organizations.

A security clearance is necessary for anyone who needs access to professional reasons to classified information. Without a security clearance it is illegal to access, process, or handle classified information.

Security attestations and advices, by contrast, are imposed for security reasons at the request of certain administrative authorities before being able to allow access to sensitive professions, buildings or events. Depending on on the authority introducing the initiative  (see Law 11.12.1998), it is either a ssecurity attestation or security advice. Both a security attestation and a security advice will be issued after completion of a security check.